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      We teach English and So Much More!! We are an international learning company proposing a Call To Action (CTA) for mastering Academic and Professional Skills.  If you want to improve your study skills for school, your communication skills for business, your English for that new opportunity, or just need some coaching for the next interview, we can help you.  The company offers 1-on-1 full immersion online consultations tailored to your needs and interests by top notch native speaking teachers with PhDs and plenty of work experience.  The highly praised flipped classroom method is used to cultivate value added learning, especially with the instructor as facilitator.  Rather than a lecture in a passive classroom, students process material outside of the classroom and then participate in instructor facilitated interactive activities during the lesson to reinforce the learning outcomes. Finally, in a rapidly changing world, we focus on the higher order thinking skills (HOTS) and the application of solutions to problems.  


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